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Our mission is to become a leader in developing and manufacturing health care supplements which are strictly adhere to the standard of safety and to improves everybody skin and health condition. Therefore, to satisfy our clients’ need and maintain and help them to improve their health condition is our main commitment. With our determination and code of ethic conducts, we set an objective to develop further our business in all the countries in Asia with excellent products and achievement !

In 2010, with the philosophy of providing a perfect life to everybody, which to improve each individual body from within that leads to self realization. The founder believes that every individual is special and unique. With this philosophy in mind, the founder established a beauty health care company – DE BEAUTY.

As part of the beauty health care industry in Malaysia, the DE BEAUTY of today has become an enterprise with rapid development. The business of DE BEAUTY is growing tremendously by providing the best products ever to more than 3 million people nationwide. The total sales revenue has reached RM2.3 million per year.

The DE BEAUTY has been established for more than a year. You will be able to notice that at every DE BEAUTY outlet in Malaysia, our clients’ skin texture improved greatly from within.

The DE BEAUTY is one of the market leaders in beauty health care industry. For those who are ambitious and would like to venture into this business, it is also a reliable business partner with great experience.

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Email = admin@debeauty.com.my
Office = 03-2857 2888

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